Dental Crown Used to Attach a Dental Bridge

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A dental crown attaches a traditional fixed dental bridge to your dental arch. This is the most common solution if you have lost one tooth or consecutive teeth on one side of the arch. A cap or crown can go over the adjacent teeth on each side of the bridge to secure it. If you want to know how a dental crown attaches a dental bridge to your dental arch, here are the details.

Essentials of a dental crown

This is a custom-fit dental shell. It is often porcelain and goes over a trimmed-down tooth. This restoration covers all the exposed areas of a tooth down to the gumline. It aims to strengthen the tooth and protect it from further damage. A crown can repair damaged teeth. It can also serve as an anchor to the dental bridge.

Crowns for a dental bridge

A fixed bridge will need a dental crown for each side of the gap. It will need anchorage to the adjacent natural teeth or abutment teeth. The dentist will have custom-fit crowns for the patient. This is possible through dental impressions.

Preparing the abutment teeth will involve filing down their healthy dental structures. This will make sure the crown fits over the abutment teeth. The dentist will attach the pontics or artificial teeth to the caps. Then, the dentist will cement the crowns to the abutment teeth. The crowns and the dental bridge will stay in place depending on the health of the abutment teeth.

A dental bridge with dental crown support is better than a partial denture

Partial dentures may be less expensive and faster to get than dental bridges, but there are many downsides to them. Dentures need constant cleaning and soaking every night. The removable feature makes them prone to slipping out or wiggling while biting, eating, or speaking. Partials are also vulnerable to breakage and loss.

Choosing a dental bridge has more advantages. The dental crown on each abutment tooth secures the dental bridge in place. An individual does not need to remove the bridge while cleaning anymore. This restoration will not move or fall out while the patient is laughing, talking, or eating. It also feels more natural because of the cemented dental crowns to the abutment teeth.

Caring for a dental crown supported fixed bridge

A dental bridge will need the same care as natural teeth. Brushing at least two times a day and flossing before bed is still the practice. Cleaning around the bridge will remove the food particles. Flossing between the dental bridge and the gums will prevent plaque and tartar formation. A dental crown can experience infection and decay without proper care and maintenance. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure its good condition and function.

Common advantages of dental crowns and bridges

The combination of bridges and crowns can restore a person’s self-esteem. The restoration of missing and damaged teeth can appear natural. The process is easy to complete as well. A dental crown can strengthen and support an abutment tooth with a large filling. It can protect the tooth from future infection and damage.

Dental bridges are durable and permanent. The stability of these restorations depends on the strength of the abutment teeth. The dental crowns support the bridges well. The dentist can choose metal alloy, porcelain, or ceramic crowns. Choosing the right type of crown will depend on what the patient needs. The same applies to the type of bridge.

There are resin-bonded, porcelain, and cantilever bridges. Resin-bonded dental bridges are also called Maryland bridges. These restorations are from porcelain with a support of a metal frame. Porcelain bridges are traditional restorations. Cantilever bridges are for supporting the teeth on one side of the lost tooth.

Reasons for getting a dental bridge with crown support

There are many reasons for getting a crown-supported bridge. A natural abutment tooth may be in need of a root canal. The dentist will clean out the infected pulp and fill the tooth. A dental crown will go over the root canal-treated tooth. This will be a good tooth to support a dental bridge. The dental crown can cover any blemish or discoloration, allowing the abutment tooth to blend well with the restoration and neighboring natural teeth.

Your dental bridge is secure and stable because of a dental crown on each side

Dealing with tooth loss is better if you have durable restorations. A dental bridge can last for a long while with proper care and maintenance. It owes its stability to the dental crown on each abutment tooth. An appointment with your dentist can help determine if you are a good candidate for this restoration.

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