Dental Restorations: What They Are and How They Help

Posted on: April 3, 2017

Dental RestorationsOur Henderson dental office can provide you with dental restorations as an efficient way to restore your tooth’s structure after it has been damaged in an accident or lost due to decay or infection. Restorations are incredibly common because they allow you to keep your natural teeth in place by restoring how they function. Otherwise, you could need to have your teeth extracted if you only chipped or cracked them. Fortunately, modern dentistry has made it possible for us to restore your teeth in a way that is natural-looking and beautiful.

As a cosmetic dentist, we provide restorations that look natural and stand the test of time. This starts from the moment you schedule an examination.

Our dental Restorations focus on:


Ensuring the restoration is an exact fit for your tooth is the first step for making sure it is created and placed correctly. In order to be accurate, we will make an impression of the patient’s mouth and take measurements. We will also use a shade card to determine the exact shade of the patient’s natural teeth, so everything matches and blends in. This way, whether one getting a dental crown or a veneer, the restoration will be the exact size and shape it needs to be to look like a natural tooth.


We have been completing dental restorations for years with beautiful end results. Our goal is to provide patients with a restoration that is long-lasting and so natural-looking, no one will be able to tell the patient’s teeth to have damage.

There are several types of dental restorations we offer, including:

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a non-invasive and fast way to restore a damaged tooth. Whether your tooth was cracked or chipped, we can restore it using bonding material. This procedure is highly recommended for children because we can complete it in less than an hour without removing any enamel from the tooth. Children will appreciate the convenience, as will busy adults. The bonding material is not as long-lasting as a crown, so just keep in mind the child may need to re-do the restoration in the future.

Dental veneers

If the damage to a patient’s tooth is minor enough to be corrected with a dental veneer, we can restore the tooth and improve the smile at the same time. Veneers are a thin shell that we bond to the surface of the teeth and use to close gaps between them, make teeth appear straighter, cover dark stains and more.

Dental crowns

When the damage is severe, a dental crown is your best option. A crown is a cap that surrounds a damaged tooth, making it possible to bite down with force even if the tooth is majorly cracked. We can give you a natural-looking ceramic crown that blends in with your other teeth.

To learn more about dental restorations or to find out which one is right for you, call our office us at (903) 657-3139 and schedule a consultation.

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